fastcgi++  3.1alpha
A C++ FastCGI/Web API

This is a collection of tutorials that should cover most aspects of the fastcgi++ library

Hello World : A simple example outputting "Hello World" in five languages using wide characters internally and utf-8 externally. It covers the following topics:

Echo : A FastCGI application that echoes everything back to the client. It covers the following topics:

GNU : A FastCGI application that shows the GNU logo It covers the following topics:

  • Outputting non-HTML data.
  • Using fastcgi++'s localization functionality to provide content to an international audience.
  • Implementing caching to provide dramatic performance increases to clients.

Timer : A FastCGI application that counts out five seconds to the client. It covers the following topics:

  • Pausing requests while waiting for callbacks.
  • Flushing the output stream buffer to force a partial HTTP response.
  • Defining the number of concurrent request handling threads.

Sessions : A simple example showing the session functionality in fastcgi++. It covers the following:

  • Passing session ids to and from clients with cookies
  • Storing and recovering session data

SQL : An example demonstrating the PostgreSQL facilities available in fastcgi++. Specifically it covers the following:

  • Executing asynchronous SQL queries and pausing requests while waiting for results.
  • Communicating query parameters and results as strongly typed tuples to reduce bug and exploit potential.
  • Handling errors and exceptions associated with SQL queries and connections.